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Why hire transfer maid/ caregiver?

Transfer maid/ caregiver are migrant domestic workers (MDWs) who are already working in Singapore and wish to change employer with or without finishing existing employment contract.

Key advantages for hiring transfer helpers are:

1. Transfer helpers are usually available to be hired within 1 week compared with overseas helpers which take 4 or more weeks.

2. Transfer maids are able to be interviewed in person face to face which give prospective employer better gauge of helper communication, work skills and personality to ensure better match for employer family.

3. Transfer helpers tend to be well-trained and already used to living the Singapore lifestyle, and hence will not get cultural shock, homesick, and more likely to complete their contract.

4. Transfer maids will be lighter for your pocket as there is less upfront fees compared with hiring one from overseas that tend to have higher placement fees (fees charged by overseas and Singapore agents for processing maids employment, and this is usually paid upfront by employer and to be offset from maids monthly salary of up to 7 months.

ZECRUITX EMPLOYMENT has ready pool of transfer maids/ helpers/ caregivers whom have completed contract available for immediately hiring within 1 week with reasonable and clear fee structure as well as refund policy.


We also do not transfer helpers that display defying and aggressive characters, irresponsible behaviours and bad attitude towards work or their previous employers. We have been trusted recruitment partner since 2010 by always wearing our ZecruitX H.A.T. (Honesty, Attentive, Trust) values with pride.

Speak to us today and we will gladly answer any queries you may have.

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